What MAAM-MARA would like is for you to spread the Chain of the Heart into your neighbourhood, near your workplace, by asking your family, your friends, your neighbours and your colleagues to help out the most needy.

Why the Chain of the Heart?

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Stéllaire’s Chain of the Heart is an initiative launched by Françoise Desjardin/Maam-Mara in the spirit of fraternal action, care and attention for the other and intention towards the other. It operates at the local and international level, in a spirit of benevolence and sharing in order to give support to those who need it.

Chain of the Heart Stéllaire

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The Chain of the Heart - General Introduction

    Stéllaire ©2010

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The Chain
of Heart

Humanism is within everyone’s reach !!

Helping others and sharing is within everyone’s reach. There are simple actions and gestures that each one can make.

For example : when you are cooking, you can make some extra portions to give to people in great need or take the time to stop and buy a sandwich for a homeless person.

Woman and mother then grandmother.

Balance of the yin to the man for his transformation with gentleness.

Woman and mother who have given humanity its children.

We honour you, we adore you,

We love you, we celebrate you.

Within your womb are born the pearls of life

Who are your children, all the children of the world, in the masculine and the feminine.

For the évolution of this boy and girl humanity, so that no-one feels alone

And can in turn give birth, to their love, in the form of the seed

Which grows and becomes man or woman.

You who are the heart of humanity

You who are the  continuity of the masculine

You who are the birth of man

You who are the cradle of life

You who nourish in your breast the child

You help the little one, at each step, to grow and become man or woman.

Women so different of all origins,

From the whole planet, of all colours, of all cultures.

Endless beauty, through your qualities and mothers above all.

We pay homage to your courage in the face of adversity,

Courage of the suffering you are enduring for some

And the suffering that you may have endured for others.

Recognition and non-recogition, that’s where the burden lays,

According to the country and culture which saw your birth

According to the rank and place you are given

Wherever you are born and live ! Silent and docile women,

Warrior women with character,

Women with strong personalities

You are the women becoming the mother

You are the mothers, the mothers of our humanity.

To you  mothers of all beings

Happy Mothers’ Day!


Music : Éric Aron

- Ethnic birthday -

Woman and Mother of the World

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N.B. : This poem was written for Mothers’ Day in France (26th May 2013)

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