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  1. It’s a chain of sharing and mutual help for those who are in need.

  2. It’s an action based on loving kindness, compassion, unconditional love and without

   ulterior motive.

  1. It’s mutual help from one person to another, without expecting anything in return.

  2. It’s offering your competences and your abilities, holding out your hand in order to

   help someone.

  1. Within Stéllaire, it’s helping each other to evolve and reach out to others.

  2. To create help points which criss cross the world, extending out to everyone, in full

    awareness of, and respect for, free will.

It’s the Law of Balance (Fair Exchange): many of us receive substantial gifts from life and help from others. How wonderful it is to see all those who have this luck, those to whom fate has been the most generous, giving to those who are suffering, are in poverty and lonely.

In this way, they create and spread a real collective thought form, which engenders the transformation of consciousness, enabling justice to express and establish itself in the midst of humanity.

If you also express fraternity and sharing, you will become a drop of water putting itself at the service of the ocean (composed of humanity and all life).

What is the Chain of the Heart for?

It encourages you to:

  1. Embed humanist qualities in your daily life: benevolence, selflessness and giving,

   love without condition or expectation of a return.

  1. Help people in need.

  2. Take action.

  3. Create a network of mutual help.

  4. Support actions and organisations that are aligned with the spirit and ethics of

  Stéllaire, as well as those you’ve created yourself.

  1. Create a collective spirit.

  2. Be a link in the vast chain of human solidarity.

  3. Become the leader of your own benevolence and mutual help actions

  4. Incite people to be selfless and giving

  5. Embed and develop humanism.

Why the Chain of the Heart?

Chain of the Heart Stéllaire
The Chain
of Heart

Humanism is within everyone’s reach !!

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Charitable Works