It's with great joy and immense gratitude to you that the new Ludi Ambiente product range has seen the day. It's a series of small broaches, full of life and colour, made from recycled plastic bottles.

All my gratitude for this new creativity and the expression of qualities within myself which I would never have imagined. Thank you Maam-Mara for this new adventure, which is starting with this new creation. With all my love and gratitude. Judith

Tel : +34 633678978

Judith met Maam-Mara nearly 5 years ago. She became a student of the Stéllaire training school and today she works as a volunteer in the organisation. She assists Maam-Mara as translator and also acts as public relations support for Spain.

Passionate about nature and animals, Judith is concerned about the preservation of the environment.  Supported and advised by Maam-Mara, she set up an art recycling business, making small, attractive «Recycl’Art» objects by hand from recycled materials , bringing a little novelty and colour to daily life.

Ludi-Ambiente will celebrate its first year anniversary! New creations are being made in collaboration with other people.

Stéllaire’s «A Helping Hand» page is a way for us to thank, to help and to put forward the people who are active in the Chain of the Heart, within Stéllaire.

A Helping Hand

Marie-Claude Liechti, a retired secondary school teacher who is passionate about literature, joined the Stéllaire volunteer team as proof reader.

A mother and grandmother, with an open and curious  mind, she lives in the countryside and gives a lot of her time to her grandchildren.

She likes nature, animals, travelling, discovery, swimming and gardening. With love and benevolence, she welcomes dogs of all breeds to her small kennels during their masters’ holidays.

Family Kennels, CH 1806 Saint-Légier-La Chiésaz Tel : +41 (0)21 943 15 12

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Chain of the Heart Stéllaire
Chain of the Heart Stéllaire
The Chain
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Humanism is within everyone’s reach !!

This page also aims to promote artisans, SMEs, voluntary and community organisations and the work of people who share Stéllaire’s ethics and humanist values.

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